Success Stories

Success Stories & Client Testimonials

Below are some highllights of examples of our success over the years

Gateway2EMEA's success is driven by the success that we create for our customers. We have provided some examples below of the success that we have had for some of our customers, but of course this is not all our customers, just some examples. If you would like to know more then please get in contact with us.

US Hardware Manufacturer

  • 12 Months of Business Development 
  • Product marketed for 5 years. 
  • $2.5m USD Revenue in 12 Months 
  • 25% of Previous Year Worldwide Revenue 
  • 5 Channel Partners 
  • Largest Installed Site Worldwide 
  • Second Year Expected Revenues $4M USD 
  • All Reference Customers

UK Software Developer SME

  • 24 Months of Business Development 
  • Product marketed for 2 years. 
  • Signed £700m global reseller 
  • 8 International Channel Partners
  • 7 National Channel Partners 

Global Managed Services Provider

  • Delivered Service Delivery Architect Services 
  • Worked on Two RFP Responses for Service Deliver for total IT outsource 
  • Designed all services to be delivered
  • Attended meeting with end user customer to present offering
  • Was invited back to help out second time before permanent position filled
  • Part of a team of six people responding to RFP

UK Solutions Provider SME

  • Managed and attended 3 day industry exhibition 
  • Design of booth. 
  • Design of advertising
  • Delivery of all equipment and setup of stand
  • Managed stand and engaged with customers
  • Closed more business than the whole cost of the exhibition
  • Had over 50 leads for follow up
  • Generated 3 reference customers from the exhibition

US Hardware & Software Manufacturer

  • 24 Months of Business Development 
  • Brand New Product
  • $3.4m USD Revenue in 24 Months
  • 25% of Worldwide Revenue
  • 20 Channel Partners
  • All Reference Customers
  • Third Year Revenues were $5m USD


What people have said about Gateway2EMEA

GateWay2EMEA would be the first company that I would contact when building a computer start-up company".

Worldwide Marketing Director Software Company

"I am very glad to have contracted GateWay2EMEA, they have a great strategy ideas and delivery on what was agreed"

CEO worldwide Hardware Company.

"GateWay2EMEA are one of the few companies that are not only great with developing business, but are very aware of the need for good customer support for an end user. GateWay2EMEA can provide both to a high standard "

Worldwide Customer Support Manager

"First Time that the exhibition staff have left the day before the exhibition before 6pm. What great planning and preparation by GateWay2EMEA in order to ensure that we are complete much earlier than any other vendor".

Vice President of Marketing




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