About Us

Who we are

Gateway2Europe Ltd, trading as Gateway2EMEA was founded in 2001 by Andrew Jones. He is a 30 year IT and telecoms technology veteran who has successfully achieved business in more than 40 countries. The initial purpose of Gateway2Europe was to bring new products from one country to another by delivering international business development services, primarily from the Americas to Europe. Over time we reaslied that the geograpihical focus needed to include Europe, Middle East and Africa region rather than just Europe. We also realised that along with providing International Business Development services, our clients also needed a wider range of services in order for us to help them expand their business internationally, our current services offering reflect the demand we have seen over the years.

What We Do

Strategy - Market Growth Strategies
Revenue - Increasing International Revenues
Project - Customer Project Services
Product - Enhancing Your Products
Event - Managing Events For You

Meet the Management

Andrew Jones - Principle Consultant

Andrew Jones - Founder & Principle Consultant

Andrew is an IT & Telecoms 30-year veteran working mainly in high technology and innovations. He started his career as a computer operator and software developer. He has managed a group IT department for a installation and service organisation with 50 branches. He successfully project managed and lead developed a national government project, which was delivered on time and within budget. He spent 10 years travelling around EMEA where he attended virtually every computer exhibition. He has now successfully achieved business in more than 40 countries and has been a subject matter expert (SME) speaking at a number of global events around the world. After spending 10 years as a pre-sales consultant, he decided he wanted to further challenge himself so he moved into business development. Andrew has been heavily involved in helping nine pioneering innovations coming to international markets. He has since successfully taken a number of new products to market as an International Business Developer, after first designing the go to market strategy. He has worked at large US corporate headquarters as technical marketing manager. He has founded and managed his own software and solutions company that saw solutions sold in 4 continents before licensing the technology to a larger company as his exit strategy. He has contracted for some of the largest corporations in the world as a project manager and service delivery manager. He is extremely passionate about innovative technologies of all kinds and playing his role and using his expertise to make the world a better place to live. Use our contact page and drop him an email, he would love to hear how we can help you.

Dave Mansen - Chairman

Dave Mansen - Chairman

Dave Mansen has over 40 years of experience in the technology industry; primarily focused on document management, financial transaction management, and print management software, at large and small organizations that have been either public or private. Key industry vertical focus experience has included the financial, healthcare, governmental, not-for-profit and outsourced services marketplaces. Primarily focused in the marketing, financial, strategic planning, capital infusion and merger and acquisition environments, at software based technology companies, Dave's experience is to take organizations beyond the start up phase and help them enter the second and third stage of growth potential. This often has meant dealing with the variety of investors, channel partners, strategic alliance vendors, original founders, industry analysts and key management employees that make up the complete environment for moving these organizations forward. By helping organizations to target and attack key vertical or international marketplaces that represent new potential for most organizations, Dave has helped to set and achieve the goals for several industry leading organizations as they struggled with how to get to the next level.


Why Choose Us?

We provide a holistic approach to market expansion, we do not have a one size fits all consulting approach, our consulting engagements are tailored to fit individual budgets, target achievements and risks. Whether you would like us to provide strategy assistance or gain projects and reference customers, We have the expertise and experience to deliver end to end consultancy in our given territories. Your growth within your budget is what we deliver, whatever your needs are in order to achieve this, either ourselves or our service partners will be able to ensure that your goals are either met or exceeded. We truly care about our customers and our reputation, we always work extremely hard for the continued success of all parties involved including end user customers. We have always had and maintain very high ethical and moral standards.

Our Services

We specialise in how to bring new products and services to market in Europe, Middle East and Africa. Our strategy is aligned with your corporate goals which could be short term revenue and reference customers or sustained rapid growth.Why invest a lot of money setting up an office and staffing the office, when we can generate that revenue, profit and reference customers for you in advance of you opening the office, reducing your risk and financial exposure.
Once we have a defined and approved Go To Market Strategy we can use our network, expertise and experience to develop international business for your company, representing your company professionally, with passion and our high standards.
We have found over the years that sometimes an initial driver for international expansion is an end user customer who wishes to deploy outside their home country and into Europe, Middle East and Africa. We can assist in project manageing this customer expansion using prince2 methodologies and ensure that the project becomes a reference customer. We can then use the information gained from this project to help with go to market and international business development services.
Many products need enhancement or changing in order to being to new markets. We can help you understand if your current services or products are ready to take to the new markets that you wish to expand to and we can help provide feedback on how to enhance your products. We have been involved in reviewing many products both in many different application areas and vertical markets. We are innovators and love to help other innovators, None of use have all the answers but together we can make the world a better place.
Whether you have a large exhibition, roadshow, end user customer conference or trade show to attend, we can arrange this for you. We have the expertise and partners to deliver an International event on your behal, with high quality and leaving your head office based staff to concentrate on your main business.


  • Address: Kingston House, Lydiard Fields
    Swindon SN5 8UB United Kingdom
  • Email: info@gateway2emea.com
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